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no hope for heroes

sing along and dance hard

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Harmonious vocals have brilliantly engaged with soulful screams and accomplished guitar riffs to form No Hope For Heroes; a unique new sound hailing from the small state of Connecticut, but already preparing to take on the world. Originally formed in 2003, the band consisted of 5 close friends devoted to chasing a dream. It wasn't until after having a taste of that dream, playing with bands such as Boy's Night Out at the Empress Ballroom in Danbury, that they decided a change in sound was necessary in the form of a new singer. By the end of 2004, No Hope For Heroes was reborn as an unstoppable musical force. Their dedication and desire towards music shines through in their remarkable hooks, emotional breakdowns and unparalleled live performances. With influences ranging from Mineral and Spitalfield all of the way to Alexisonfire and Killswitch Engage, NHFH is sure to wrap itself around your heart and take your mind on a musical escape. No Hope For Heroes is destined for greatness, and won't stop until they've surpassed each of their individual potentials working as a group. They won't let anything get in their way, so wake up…it's time to dance.